Driven by advances in technology, a changing workforce, and increasing customer expectations, executive teams in all sectors are faced with a more challenging business environment than ever before. 

Their ability to achieve continued success in this new reality is dictated by their effectiveness - both as individual leaders and as a cohesive unit.

Through Bill's executive leadership programming, executive teams form this cohesion by breaking down the barriers to individual performance and overall team alignment. 


1:1 Executive Coaching


For high-potential managers primed for the next step in their career to seasoned C-Suite executives. 

It starts by identifying an individual's coachability quotient, their challenges, and driving motivators. Bill uses these insights to create a tailored program that speaks to these factors and ultimately builds the individual's self-awareness, hones their leadership skills, and equips them to effectively drive results working with and through others.  

Meeting Facilitation


An effective senior leadership team is vital to sustaining revenue growth and improving profitability. The key to an effective team is open communication and cohesiveness. 

The end result of Bill's expert facilitation - a stronger executive unit that is better equipped and aligned to address the business challenges of both today and tomorrow. 


Using existing employee engagement data, interviews, and/or focus
groups, Bill astutely studies organizations and determines overall health,
effectiveness, and future potential. The data he collects includes:

  • Cultural assessment
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational structure
  • Internal communication patterns
  • Decision making mechanisms
  • Empowerment structures
  • Succession planning
  • Trust and feedback
  • Political landscape

Partnering closely with the C-Suite and Human Resources, Bill identifies
themes and develops recommendations to enhance organizational culture,
effectiveness, and performance.