Developing emerging leaders is about forming the next generation of leadership to achieve continued success by effectively capitalizing on opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

Through the Frontline Leadership Development and Managing from the Middle programs, individuals learn the skills and framework needed to transition from individual contributor to empowered leader.

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Frontline Leadership Development

Being a new emerging leader is often considered the most difficult point in one's leadership journey. These individuals are not only navigating the transition from being a subject matter expert to a manager, but are also trying to balance their time between being a ‘player’ and a ‘coach'.

The challenges they most often face: 

  • Clear communication
  • Balancing time and priorities
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Developing their leadership 'voice'
  • Managing former peers
  • Growing and retaining top talent
  • Effectively managing change

Through his targeted and engaging development programs, Bill addresses these challenges to create emerging leaders who are equipped to lead their team to achieve sustained growth. 

Managing From the

Traditionally known as the Director level in organizations, the leaders who manage from the middle are often the most challenged, confused and under-leveraged leaders.

Their challenges often include:

  • Understanding their roles – including authority levels
  • Balancing tactics and strategy
  • Thinking strategically
  • Managing ‘up’ and ‘down’ the organization
  • Working within the ‘silos’ of their companies
  • Building succession plans for future leaders
  • Anticipating market and business challenges
  • Preparing themselves for the next phases of their careers

Bill closely examines this level of the organization to develop customized solutions to empower and enable this ‘middle’ level to achieve extraordinary business results.